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Welcom to Inn AnDi 513

     Inn Andi 513 is located at the foot of Dawangfeng and the Sanguyan in the Wuyishan Scenic Area. With beautiful lawn of thousands of sq.m. and a wandering brook at the front, it provides you a very peaceful and carefree environment.
    It is small and fully equipped,integrating accommodation, taproom, café,reading room,internet, characteristic collection,parking,and other multiple functions. Most rooms face to the green mountains and lawn with a broad view.
    All different type of tourists, such as sightseeing tour, holidaymaker, excursion, cycling, shutterbug, and the others from all over the world would enjoy yourselves with a leisure time and peaceful environment here.

Add: Inn 513Andi, 16 Lantangcun, Sangu Holiday Resort, Wuyishan City. Fujian Province. P.R. of China
Tel. 0599—5231369;13375015369(Mrs yang)
              13358458369(Sir liu)
Q Q:105583605;709159333
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